Organización global en defensa de los Derechos Humanos
Amnistía Internacional

The effective communication of our rights demands the profound reflection of the different audiences and their practices.

Amnesty International is a global research and action movement focused on preventing and ending grave human rights violations.


From its beginnings, Salvo has collaborated with the Uruguayan section of Amnesty International on the strategic and visual level on numerous occasions.


In 2008, a new member recruitment campaign model was implemented aimed at young people, with the premise of disseminating information about human rights defenders and their achievements from a positive and hopeful perspective. More than 6,000 sets of postcards were designed and printed, and the visual proposal was adapted to other media, both within and outside the country.

Closer in time, Salvo contributed its strategic vision and design for the development of Mi Decisión [My Own Decision], an educational project based on workshops on sexual and reproductive rights directed at young people.


The commemoration of International Human Rights Day has been an opportunity for collaboration on several occasions, particularly in the implementation of dissemination materials for the Firmá por tus derechos [Sign for your rights] campaign.


The Annual Report is, globally, the most relevant input for the positioning of the organization. Salvo has collaborated on numerous occasions in its dissemination, providing visuals and synthesis, through the design of campaigns aimed at the political sector, the press and social networks.

We have also given talks on strategic reflection on social network-based communication on the subject of human rights.