Mercado de abasto del Uruguay
Mercado Modelo

Implementing technological changes which impact on the public requires awareness-raising and training.

Mercado Modelo used to be the largest agricultural produce market in Uruguay; it has recently been moved and converted into the Montevideo Food Unit (UAM, for its Spanish acronym).



The “Program for the Democratization of Data in Mercado Modelo” (Plan Senda) was an initiative of Uruguay’s main supply market and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), sponsored by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF/IDB), which promoted the inclusion of ICTs to help the Market’s SMEs in their decision-making, in 2014.


Salvo Comunicación developed an awareness, appropriation and promotion campaign aimed at increasing the participation of the Market’s operators in the use of the services and benefits offered by the Plan. One of the objectives of the campaign was to build a multidisciplinary technical team that would work on the field, together with operators and producers —who helped us in the processes of segmentation, identification of leaders, encouraging the implementation of technology, training, etc.


The campaign included the strategic redefinition of the interface of the Market’s website, in order to prioritize its information, and the development of a free downloadable app, which brought the information produced in the context of the Plan directly to the operator. After a year of work, the results were recorded in three knowledge products: an infographic, a multimedia presentation and an audiovisual presentation that combines the changes and achievements of the Plan Senda.



Within the framework of its institutional consolidation process, in 2015, Mercado Modelo commissioned the creation of an institutional audiovisual piece that would make the organization and its teams known in local and regional contexts. We developed this project in collaboration with the production company Halo, combining our commitment, aesthetics and a sensitivity suitable to the product.