Universidad Tecnológica del Uruguay

The visual communication of organizations must be in line with their growth and projection.

The Technological University (UTEC, for its Spanish acronym) is a State university founded in 2012, with a technological profile and a close connection to the productive sector, as well as a focus on research and innovation. Its main purpose is to provide better access to higher or university education, especially to students living in the provinces.


UTEC grew exponentially, both in terms of offer and demand, and therefore it needed to update its visual identity program to reflect the new institutional structure and provide for further expansion; in 2021 Salvo was selected to undertake this task.


Our consultancy included the analysis and diagnosis of the pre-existing identity system, through materials and interviews conducted throughout the national territory, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the functioning and needs of the graphic brand, as well as of those who manage it.


With this information and in constant dialogue with the University’s Communication Unit, we designed a new brand architecture and provided solutions to project its visual communication in an orderly manner. The process included ongoing reporting to the authorities and a final awareness workshop directed to all those involved in the management of this visual identity.


The final output of our consultancy was the new graphic brand, the graphic and unified design of sub-brands for the divisions, centers and departments, and the corresponding visual identity manual, which contained more recommendations and rules to help the autonomous work of in-house teams.