Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo

The development of our region requires the synergy of its professionals, their diversity, their different idiosyncrasies and their capabilities.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing financial and technical support to the countries in the region, with the aim of reducing poverty and inequality.


Since late 2009, Salvo Comunicación has been working consistently with the IDB, and has collaborated in the creation of knowledge products for several divisions and subsidiaries of the Bank (Science and Technology, Civil Society, Social Protection and Health, Infrastructure, MIF, among others), based at its headquarters in Washington DC.



This journey demanded that we immerse ourselves in the IDB’s structure, themes and narratives and work with those involved in development efforts in the region; this provided us with the necessary insight to treat the information with the utmost care and precision.


Among the many experiences we shared with the Bank in these many years of work, were the development of communication consultancies for various projects, as well as audiovisual pieces, physical interventions, a large number of publications and editorial series, and graphic content for dissemination.


These projects consolidated our sensitivity to strategically communicate development actions in our region, generating an invaluable asset for Salvo: understanding the region’s diversity and needs, as well as building narratives on the multiple technical and social efforts that seek the equality and progress of our people.