Federación Panamericana de Lechería

The key to regional communication lies in catering to a diversity of audiences.

The Pan-American Dairy Federation (Fepale, for its Spanish acronym) is an organization whose goal is to promote the development of the dairy chain throughout the region, while serving as a forum to link the sector’s institutions.


Between 2014 and 2021, Salvo Comunicación worked together with Fepale with the aim of professionalizing the communication of its Pan-American campaign “Yes to milk!” [¡Sí a la leche!], which seeks to promote the adequate intake of milk and dairy in the region.


For seven years, we implemented a series of actions to optimize the campaign’s discourse and its positioning from a strategic perspective that involved not only learning about the dairy sector and how it works, but also broadening its scope, and looking at a regional context to learn about its particularities and idiosyncrasies, in order to generate messages with a broad, empathetic and efficient reach.


Salvo supported Fepale in the strategic and graphic areas to promote the “Yes to milk!” messages in the region, through the development of various inputs, including the campaign’s visual identity, and an assortment of graphic materials for dissemination; the sialaleche.org platform and its multiple contents; the creation and management of social network profiles, to name a few.


Every year, we proposed a new strategic approach for the campaign that revolved around a new central concept, offering an impactful creative product in different formats, with special emphasis on audiovisual pieces.