Instituto Nacional de Carnes

Consolidating the strategic narrative of Uruguay's main industry brings order to and enhances the efforts of the organization as a whole.

The National Meat Institute (INAC, for its Spanish acronym) is a non-governmental public person that aims to promote, regulate, coordinate and monitor the activities linked to the production, processing, marketing, storage and transport of meats in Uruguay and in international markets.


Salvo has collaborated with INAC since 2018, and established a bond that is nurtured by strategic collaboration and design. We redeveloped the Institute’s corporate identity through the creation of the INAC brand and the Uruguay Beef & Lamb brand for exports. After a thorough diagnosis, a unified visual system was defined to give a solid and dynamic discursive consistency to the organization and its programs.

This process involved an in-depth study of the visual and commercial strategic definitions of the main exporting countries in the world, among which Uruguay stands out, in order to find the best solutions; today the brand and its universe are expressed in Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.


Our advice and collaboration were then rolled out to the definition of the organization’s strategic discourse in a broader sense. The subsequent projects immersed us in the world of meat and its industrial and commercial dynamics: we collaborated with INAC at the local level, designing and developing several products —signage, manuals, photographic productions, highly complex yearbooks, consumption and nutrition campaigns—, and also in its role of export promoter —through the development of contents or articles, as well as visual products such as stands and manuals.